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At TRANSCEND, CA’s Coach PU Students as the 2 years of PU lay's the FOUNDATION for a Career in Commerce Experience the Difference at TRANSCEND through our Trial Classes Our past results is testimony to the fact that “Better Teachers MAKE Better Students”



Soft Skills includes public speaking, creativity, ability to convince / motivate / inspire etc. Our Education system trains us on Hard Skills [Technical Knowledge] & NOT on Soft Skills [Non Technical Skills]. However, Life will test us on both Technical & Non-Technical Skills. Developing yourself on Hard Skills alone will create an imbalance in your Life



Education without morals & values is like a ship without a compass. To what use one’s learning is put will eventually depend on the values & morals that are inculcated at the time of learning. Two people can study nuclear energy and yet one may use the knowledge for the betterment of mankind [by generating power] while another may use the same knowledge to destroy mankind [by creating an nuclear bomb]



EDUTAINMENT = Education + Entertainment.
Majority of the students believe that Education is a Necessary Evil. They consider the experience of becoming knowledgeable as boring & painful. At TRANSCEND PU College, we overcome this through a Revolution in Education called EDUTAINMENT. In fact, we very strongly believe that Learning,Growing & Enjoying CAN & SHOULD happen in the same institution.